Benbel Rewards Card

What is Benbel Rewards?

With every purchase you make a portion will be loaded back on to your Benbel Rewards Card. Your Benbel Rewards Card allows you to earn CashBack and not points. Your Benbel Rewards Card accumulates a monetary balance and the card may be use any time as a method of payment. The more you swipe, the more you earn, the more you can spend.

What Benbel Rewards Card do I qualify for?

  1. Benbel Rewards Card - Anybody older than 18 years old can qualify for a Benbel Rewards Card.
  2. Benbel Pensioners Card - Anybody older than 65 years old can qualify for a Benbel Pensioners Card. Proof of age will be required.
  3. Benbel Professional Card - Any business or professional tradesmen can qualify for a Benbel Professional Card. You will need to apply via a application form available in store and be approved by management.

What benefits do I get when using a Benbel Rewards Card?

  1.  Earn CashBack on every product you buy except on items that are on promotion, marked down, given discount on or exempted from CashBack.
  2. You can load funds on you Reward card or on our Benbel gift card to use when you please.
  3. Once your card has a positive CashBack balance you will be able to use that money on any purchase you make at Benbel.
  4. No expiry date on CashBack. You can redeem your CashBack whenever you like.
  5. You will receive weekly loyalty only deals.
  6. Be first to hear the latest news at Benbel via sms.

How to access your profile and view transactions and CashBack balance?

  1. You can access your profile at our Rewards Kiosk situated at the tills.
  2. You can also access your profile at home via via the member login portal.
  3. You will be able to view your balance when your card is scanned at the till.
  4. Your till slip will show your balance prior to your current transaction.


What happens if I lose my Benbel Rewards Card?

  1. You can ask the cashier for a new card and transfer your cashback to your new card via the Benbel Rewards Kiosk.
  2. When receiving a new car you can contact Infinity support on 086 166 3111 and ask that your old card be stopped and you balanced be transferred to you new card.


Benbel Gift Card

  • Would you like to buy someone a gift voucher at Benbel? 
  • You can now ask you cashier to load any amount onto the Benbel Gift Card.
  • The gift cards do not accumulate CashBack but can be use to pay for any purchase made.

Rewards Cards T&C's

CashBack % Structure